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Hi, I’m


I’ve been walking this healing path for what feels like most of my life;

it’s like I came here with this inner knowing and seem to naturally take a bird's eye view perspective. Coming in soulfully wide awake (body caught up) has been both frustrating, but also kind of fascinating, and very comforting for the souls I work with. 


Hi, I’m


I’ve been walking this healing path for what feels like most of my life;

it’s like I came here with this inner knowing and seem to naturally take a bird's eye view perspective that’s mostly been frustrating, but also kind of fascinating, and very comforting for the souls I work with. 

I came in with a knowing 

that things were not as they seemed, I continually pushed against societal constructs and always knew inherently that things were not as they seemed in the 3D...

My desire to work in this space really ramped up when I fell pregnant in the earlier 2000s, and not too long after went through divorce, then lost my father.

A passion for doing the work, finding my own comfort by learning to ride the waves over letting them pummel me, true sovereignty, the real spiritual experience, and a healthy humanity is what drives me. I bring no BS old soul wisdom, conscious clear practical spiritual mentoring, and a love of supporting and empowering people to my work. 

What I'm finding lately and from what my clients tell me is that there is a lack of trust out there for truly awakening souls because of the spiritual fluff and fake healers. I cut through this. Authenticity and constant inner work allows me to hold space with pure beginners and seasoned healers clearing for the collective. 

I’ve lived a full life. I’m a mother, a wellness junkie with a penchant for balance, a Journalist, and Communications Specialist who has worked across the board with clients as diverse as health and wellness practitioners and organic candle makers to tech businesses and infrastructure companies. I first explored functional Pilates in 1999, and then spent 15+ years teaching. I still bring this with somatic movement into my work.

I’ve traveled to so many magical places and lived all over the world for about 11 years returning to New Zealand to have my daughter. My family and I moved to Croatia in early 2022, and we are thoroughly relishing our life here.

I work with clients locally and internationally.

Random passions

My heritage, nourishing my soul, changing it up, sand between my toes and lying in the sun, spirituality, movement, dark chocolate, coffee, essential oils, heavy tropical rain, nature, hot baths, just to name a few...

My point of difference

Integrity. Honesty. Refreshingly straight talking. High level integration so I'm not caught in spiritual fluff and false light. Well trained modality wise, but more importantly the work becomes more powerful as I continue to upgrade. Utilise wisdom, subconscious repatterning, DNA & cellular memory integration, ancestral pathway work, and whatever drops in and is needed for powerful and timely shifts as YOU transition.

How does one begin to pull together the “who am I” and put it into the confines of a web page? Alas, here I go…

The early years…

I grew up knowing the world wasn’t “just so” and never believed “what you see is what you get”, and always felt intuitive that there was so much more to this big crazy world. Boy did I push back, especially against wrongdoings smoke-screened by religion - I started that at age 12.

Being part of a lively Croatian household growing up in New Zealand gave me a unique perspective and passion for diversity in all its forms; people, culture, what makes us tick, what we hold onto, and why… you get the idea. A questioning mind was hugely encouraged by my late father, and a deep connection to the earth, nature, and what matters in life was passed on to me early in life.

My interest in health, emotional wellness, ancient wisdom, spirituality, personal development, and the less-trodden alternative paths popular during the 90s and early 2000s quickly became my immersion go-to.

Even during my early 20s post-studying for my masters in journalism, my freelance work often belonged within this niche. In the late 90’s I also fell in love with Yoga and Pilates, eventually training in the Pilates method, immersing myself in corporate classes, pre and postnatal (creating Mum to the Core online), rehab and studio, and being lit up by the experiential somatic work I did at the very forward thinking Absolute Pilates in Auckland. We incorporated Alexander Technique, studied Feldenkrais Method, and other forms of integrated functional movement. A highlight was being an instructor trainer on their mat and reformer course.

The healing that made the difference…

Fast forward to that moment, I guess you could call the fork in the road, the time when I hit rock bottom when I really decided that something had to give. Divorced with a one-year-old, rebounding into another relationship that ended in much the same way, and simultaneously losing my dear father to cancer tipped the scale to mind-numbing stress, depression, and incredibly low self-esteem.

I distinctly remember my neighbor at the time (a divine woman) saying to me years later that the empty sadness had left from my eyes to be replaced with a joyful spark. At the time I hadn’t wanted to even admit how low I had felt. It came with a shame. Shame that I wasn’t doing well and shame to admit it.

I can recall the moment I looked in the mirror with a selection of goddess cards laid out in front of me, blurry-eyed and soulfully lost. I looked into my reflection and said, “Never again. You will never let yourself come back here again. You will never give your power to another. Set the intention and commit.” And I did. The intention was to find peace and contentment. I couldn’t live in that state anymore.

From that point, my true healing journey began, and I never looked back.

The Transformation

I seriously immersed myself as deep as I could in all sorts of healing modalities...

I slowly brought myself back with the most amazing support team by my side; practitioners, friends, family, and seemingly random soul connections along the way (sometimes in the most unlikely forms).

I’ve transformed my life. A bed of roses it most certainly isn’t. Life and the human experience, especially as we navigate this challenging, yet miraculously transformative time, is a symphony of emotions, but it’s the ease and grace with which we recover from the negative ones that highlights the deeper healing.

It’s an honor and humbling experience to share in your journey and help you through the painful, challenging, and confusing parts of life.

Why I do what I do

I’ve lived in emotional pain, got tired of it, was ready for change and, in time, created it I love to be a conduit for others to face all parts of themselves and hold space for them to do so.

We’re all always learning and growing, peeling back the layers. Helping people break free from relationship trauma, childhood wounds and patterns on repeat, or any other issues that are making them feel trapped, unheard, unseen, and lonely is hugely rewarding for me. It’s very full of purpose.

I am vulnerable and have that light growing inside me just like you do. Sometimes it burns and other times the dimmer switch goes into overdrive. If you’re bursting from within, sensing a deep awakening, a desire to envision something new, but you’re lost, confused, or playing an old program, reach out.

Another huge passion of mine is helping people understand, walkthrough, and bloody well thrive during The Awakening, a time of massive evolution on our planet; old systems breaking down while this far richer beauty they call New Earth births, The Age of Aquarius, Ascension (really it’s a remembering of our greatness that’s been dimmed for ions). Via our own personal healing and blossoming, we bring this balance back. Plus truly CHOOSING life as YOU wish to live it.

I have also worked commercially for 20+ years in the communications, writing, coaching, strategy space,

and it’s a privilege to help conscious businesses, those prepared to expand their thinking from old paradigms and explore a new way of working through my business solutions packages.

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I also help people awaken their bodies with my own approach to movement gathered over the years as you’ve already read here.

I am highly functionally trained and understand the body structurally and inherently. I love helping people feel free and capable in their bodies. I’m beginning to run retreats & workshopts, for now, here in Croatia. I am also working with mums again bringing in Pilates rehab, somatics, and powerful Theta healing practices into my work.

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The credentials…

Theta Healing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA & Digging Deeper – Think: Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge

Certified Holistic Coach & Healer – The Awakenings Institute

Certified Breakthrough Life Coach & Abundance Coach – New Zealand Life Coaching

Masters in Journalism

Certified Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor – Stott Pilates

Rehab Studio Pilates Instructor – Polestar Pilates

Personal Trainer and Pre/Postnatal Rehab instructor

Studies & Practices

Yoga & meditation for over 20 years

Pilates instructor, instructor trainer, and postnatal rehab therapist for 15+ years

I’ve immersed myself in many teachings including; Theta Healing, Holistic NLP, EFT, Spiritual Kinesiology, BodyTalk, Breathwork, Nutrition, Somatic Therapy, Alexander Technique, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine, Thai Kickboxing, copious amounts of travel and exploration into many cultures, and am a massive observer of humanity.

Thanks for reading this far. Reach out and connect.

It would be my honor to help you…

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