Awakening soul... Heart-led subconscious liberation changing lives


 Heart-led subconscious transformation



Transformational / Emotional / Spiritual Healing & Coaching 

Harnessing her signature toolbox of techniques, birds-eye wisdom, and guidance to help you heal emotional blocks, change habits and beliefs whilst holding space for your vision of the future. Simone works on clearing subconscious patterning that no longer serves and is big on healing the heart and the heart as portal to the all.


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The Awakening

It’s here and it’s here now. Multidimensional insight & guidance, wisdom, tools and ideas to help you navigate this challenging yet transformative time. This is my field of expertise and I’ve helped many people adopt a deeper understanding, multiple aha moments, and when they couple this understanding with my signature energy healing and intuitive coaching work, the light literally goes on and there’s no way to put it out.

Massive shifts are underway in the collective right now too. There is a lot of clearing to be done.

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Health & Wellness

Simplifying a vast well of information. Studies from food & diet, supplementation, energy, movement, women’s wellness, and more have consumed Simone’s adult life. This work plus emotional wellness is what she draws from to create a vibrant state of being.            

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Pilates, Functional Rehab & Somatics

Over 25 years of working with movement and the body. Extensive functional training in this area + somatic movement. Ex-owner of Mum to the Core, a program that helped mums recover their bodies safely and effectively after birth. Workshops & retreats combining movement, meditation & healing are underway here in Croatia. Reach out here for more info.

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Whether we want to admit it or not, often we operate from our wounds, we make friends with our inner critic instead of our inner child.

Maybe your beautiful soul has come to the point where enough is enough and is begging you to listen.

Until we take an honest look inside, an emotional self-check when we are “fed up” with feeling this way, will we make change, will we alchemize, and truly come back home to ourselves.

Personal awakening is different for everyone, but often and in my experience both with myself and clients, it’s triggered by huge change or trauma.

I come from an intuitive holistic coaching space, utilize Theta healing, other energy work, spiritual mentoring, EFT, and other techniques, with a sprinkle of down-to-earth common sense, experiential wisdom (from this life and others), and honesty to help clear emotional debris, blocks, and wounds so that you can move forward with ease and grace.

I will hold your hand, but I will also pull you up on your s&*%

There is no “easy fix”. Your healing is a lifelong journey, the most rewarding one you will ever take. There is a reason why personal growth and human evolution is one of the biggest growing industries in the world, the time is nigh…

Ready ? Come with me…


Sessions are typically 90 minutes. I help you:

  • Heal issues in your life that feel unresolved, those which hold you back; triggers in your relationships, habits you’d rather lose, past hurt, abandonment issues, anxiety, at work, in love, etc.
  • Recover from divorce, relationship splits, and resulting trauma, pattern repeat, etc.
  • Rediscover yourself, or find yourself in the first place, and heal the disconnect with your heart and soul
  • Understand your deeper self; emotions, thoughts, etc. and learn to work with them and master them so they don’t master you, and embrace your intuition along the way
  • Balance polarities, feminine and masculine aspects of self, and WHY this is integral to your healing
  • Look to your vision of the future with purpose, and a clean slate, and start to live your divine truth wholly supported by the universe
  • Learn to genuinely feel content and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Support with any integrative physical aspects from movement to cleansing, nutrients, etc. 
  • Massive work for those healing for the collective. I access the space that goes beyond our own personal work.

In one session you will notice a shift as we go over the blockages, patterns, and lower thought forms that are preventing you from experiencing your life in the highest state of alignment. I will teach you how to life life from a place of personal sovereignty and freedom, stand in your own power and apply discernment and fun to life. We will heal and clear any limiting beliefs holding you back from what you truly desire as you begin change your life and learn new ways of experiencing life. 

If you opt for individual session work, a wee disclaimer here…

shifts will begin to occur from the first session, but I suggest 3 sessions as a good base. Long-lasting change take time, consistency, patience, and willingness.

Invest in YOU:






There is an alternative to the reality you are currently experiencing.

"Courageous" for me doesn't mean the absence of fear, but feeling it and saying "yes" to yourself anyway. 

If you get a sense that there is more out there for you than living in the dark, and the books you read and meditations you do don't seem to shift a thing, or if they do, it's momentary, this work is for you.

We actually live in a powerful time of potential co-creation. 

Because healing is a lifelong journey, this option is for those who understand this and want to commit to clearing BIG things in their lives. YOU are truly ready.

This is the best program for you if you are wanting to tackle an area of your reality that has been eating away at you; you’re feeling stuck, lackluster, despair and hopelessness, and you're tired of doing the same thing to get the same results in your life.

You are ready and you’re willing to put the work in to transform an aspect of your life, look inside yourself with an open mind and heart, unpick the parts that need understanding, love, deep release, and attention.

I help you shift patterns, learn to love yourself, be open to your own guidance, and step into your power... with love, depth, wisdom and intuitive logic. 

In "Your Divine Awakening", we combine all of the above with a sprinkle of deeper understanding and integration of the awakening journey and how it affects you personally. This becomes a bigger focus in the work. I've found this is the most powerful combination to transformation and we take advantage of multidimensional support now available online for us. You will feel embodied, nourished and expansive as we journey together. 

You recognise the shift in consciousness in the collective, and you want to participate, grow, give your soul the gift of getting the most out of this time.

Shift perspective and take the necessary steps to simply, feel better…



  • A deep dive for continual support, this program includes:
  • 6 x 90-minute Zoom healing/coaching sessions - twice a month
  • Email/messaging access throughout Mon – Sat 
  • Unique and tailored to you (heart-opening techniques, meditations & activations) delivered to your choice of communication
  • Journal-style workbook for those who like to document their progress & session prep to get the most of our time together
  • Loving support, always
  • Relevant health, wellness, movement, detoxing to support the work, etc. advice if appropriate
  • Equal amounts of hand holding and pulling you up on your s###
  • My life experience, energy and hard-earned fearless frequency, dedicated training, love, and much more…

Invest in YOU:





A deep dive for continual support for those who need more time, this program includes:

  • 12 x 90-minute Zoom healing/coaching sessions - twice a month
  • Email/messaging access throughout Mon – Sat
  • Unique and tailored to you (heart-opening techniques, meditations & activations) delivered to your choice of communication
  • Loving support, always
  • Journal-style workbook for those who like to document their progress & session prep to get the most of our time together
  • Relevant health, wellness, movement, detoxing to support the work, etc. advice 
  • Equal amounts of hand holding and pulling you up on your s###
  • My life experience, energy and hard-earned fearless frequency, dedicated training, love, and much more…
  • My signature eBook FREE; The Awakening - A Greater Perspective
  • My popular Awakening Mystery Mentorship Course FREE - 4 modules of insightful intel guiding you through straight-to-source awakening teachings

Invest in YOU:



Schedule a 15-minute discovery call HERE to see if we’re are a good fit

What I need from you...

  • An openness and a willingness to doing things differently in order to produce different results.
  • A belief in a deeper model of healing, not a talk therapy where you discuss symptoms, name the issue and talk about the issue. Here we will look into the heart and learn to shift subconscious patterning holding you back.
  • A love for yourself or desire to truly love yourself.




Learn to thrive, shift timelines, radiate calm, level up your experience and
heal whilst embracing a massive consciousness shift.

You were not meant for struggle, overwhelm, tax, debts, and endless fear. It’s a layer or a program (very complex and intelligent one) that has hijacked your human experience. Are you up for facing your shadow and really embracing freedom? Do you realise now is the time to elevate yourself as a sovereign being?

In this course I will help you empower yourself by sharing my deeper perspective and whole/istic understanding of The Awakening. I’ve spent 47 years on this planet (during this life, that is), and I dropped in as an awakened soul. It was never a shock to me. I will help you walk this path with ease and grace.

Everything in this Awakening journey comes down to healing past/present trauma, down all the lines and within the soul and ancestral lineage – this will help you make soooooo much sense of your own patterns. You will learn what this means.

To contribute to the great shift in consciousness, you must do your own inner work, be courageous with your hurt, and take the road less traveled. Taking the power back in your own life is directly related to our taking the power back as a collective.
Does this resonate with you?



Once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

Don’t simply survive, but learn to thrive and liberate yourself during these Awakening times with this purpose-built masterclass, mystery & mentorship course.

Whatever stage you are in, you will come deeper into remembrance as you learn how to navigate this powerful time we, the collective, finds itself. Sure, the old is crumbling and it hurts, but it’s supposed to… You’ve heard the saying, “Close one door and another opens”.

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  • Went through or are going through; feeling hopeless, depressed, resistance, fear, anger, grief, separation from loved ones due to “choices” imposed, or simply because. You feel lost and deceived by society and those that control it… and want tools and direction around how to navigate life and find joy during such polarising times.
  • Feel like the rug has been pulled from underneath you and you’re out of sorts, but at the same time feel like you’re coming out of a deep slumber, you no longer want to live in the “old system” and it’s exciting and liberating, like you are starting to see there could be something greater at play here.
  • Have come to accept this reality, but are now looking deeper and wanting more of an understanding about the deeper layers of the greater Awakening process and the cosmic perspective because you get a sense that there is so much more…
  • Want to move past what’s breaking down, and all the same old negative talk, and into what’s being built - what you can create in its place.
  • Learn tools and practices via wisdom from the higher realms, to make this time not only work for you, but to bloody well thrive in it.
  • You yearn to be guided by an experienced mentor who is real, raw, grounded, practical, can laugh at life, and who is deeply spiritual and connected to source and this great expanse in consciousness.

You could say my personal awakening within this lifetime happened 15+ years ago, but I didn’t really experience an awakening to the “collective 3D meltdown” we are currently witnessing. My soul did in another lifetime surely, and I know I came here to shake s### up at a really important time in our evolution as a humanity. When I understood how “things” worked in the 3D, it was more of an “oh, that makes sense” rather than requiring a complete rewire of how I viewed reality or a deep period of grief.

That being said, no awakening soul came away from the last few years without a surge of trauma and a shock to the system, so to speak. We are living through extraordinary times, and I respect and honor this. There is no possible way to bypass this, spiritually, or any other way.

I have studied a lot, but what I teach here and guide you through doesn’t come from academic intelligence. 


This learning and knowing requires a deeper understanding and alignment that is not taught within this third-dimensional reality. For me, this work has expanded throughout this life, and amplified in the last 15+ years.

I have worked with many souls for whom this process is hugely challenging. Especially if their Awakening has been fast-tracked since s### really began to get crazy at the beginning of 2020. All of a sudden the world as we knew it had been turned upside down. I wrote an eBook in 2021 about this and have included it as a bonus with this program.

If this all sounds random or confusing, don’t worry. I’ll help you understand, and once the veil of limiting beliefs and programming is lifted, it becomes far easier to assimilate and expand your consciousness.



  • Introduction & Welcome to the course.
  • Universe, reality, planes of existence, and how you fit into all of this?
  • Shift hopeless to hopeful. Embrace fun. Dance within
  • Meditation - physical & spiritual embodiment… yummy integration work; connect to Gaia, the cosmos, great father sun.
  • Confidence in strengthening your energy field.


  • Personal awakening (dark night of the soul etc.) – personal journey.
  • Death of the old self continues to remove what was built in illusion – discussion.
  • What is the collective awakening and the collective consciousness? Why now?
  • Age of Aquarius


  • Bifurcation, divide & conquer in 3D, people falling away, relationship endings, beginnings and transitions, rebirthing, polarity, and the split.
  • Strange and intense times as our bodies and souls adjust. More on this.
  • Torus field activation and meditation to support, protect and cleanse.


(Reading material & Q&A worksheet)
  • Why somatic practices, Yoga, or meditation alone will not heal the trauma that’s been stored in your cells for literally thousands of years…
  • Deepen into subconscious & the heart as a portal
  • Tools and tips to help you get your house in order.

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Coaching Communications Business Combo

Business solutions for entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners.

Big-picture results-focused guidance and support around honing your vision and brand story, uncovering a business idea or deeper purpose, pivoting or fusing aspects of the one you are in, or perhaps a complete overhaul?

This work is a marriage of business strategy, communications expertise, content creation, and coaching as per your unique requirements whether they be organizational changes, new goals, or growth.

Perhaps you have your marketing covered but you haven’t thought through your communications as per your business objectives, or at all.
25+ years of expertise working with soulful entrepreneurs to larger enterprise IT firms, and everything in-between.

How I Help:

  • Strategic communication advisory
  • Find clarity and nail your vision cutting through confusion and chaos
  • Rebrand (and change) communications
  • A love of writing, or succinctly nailing your / your business's voice is a passion – copywriting, thought leadership, case studies, website projects, journalistic articles, PR, social media, and so on…
  • Media Relations
  • Specific expertise in the holistic, spiritual, wellness space, IT sector (SaaS, Security, etc.), and NGOs.
  • Tailored packages unique to you as a business leader and/or your greater team as we shift into new ways of working
  • Enhance your “emotional vocabulary” and overall EI as a manager
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Pilates & Somatic Bodywork

“I’ve always said you were the only Pilates instructor that I liked. No one beats you, and I’m over going to classes that don’t inspire me”

– Claudia L

I’m intuitive. I feel into the body. I’m also well-studied and get into the nitty-gritty too. I love to teach my clients to delve into their bodies and feel the movement, ensuring they are engaging and activating correctly. It’s my nature to examine the macro-micro and guide with precision and clarity so that students understand and embody the work, rather than simply a show-and-do approach.

I first began my professional career in Pilates and functional movement including experimenting with somatic styles in 1999 when I was teaching functional movement in a gym in Sydney, Australia. I went on to take the Stott Pilates Mat & Reformer practitioner training. In 2003/04 I studied the Polestar Studio Series for rehab in Auckland, New Zealand. Various pre/postnatal, small apparatus, bodywork workshops, and courses kept my knowledge and practice going.


Within Australia and New Zealand, I’ve taught corporate matwork, experimented within some really forward-thinking Pilates and somatic movement studios, particularly Absolute Pilates in Auckland where I was one of two Instructor Trainers on their in-depth reformer course. I’ve worked alongside numerous physiotherapists in the exercise rehab space, and have extensive experience in the pre and postnatal world. I created Mum to the Core in 2017 both as an online membership program and in-house workshops in New Zealand.

Movement is a really important part of healing the body, mind, and soul.

How you can work with me:

  • Pilates & Somatic practice, Yogalates fusion movement, combined meditation, deep group & personal healing activations, and much more...
  • Ask about my on-the-ground workshops, retreats and private rehab work locally in my home on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia or further afield in Europe.
  • New mums, heal effectively from diastasis recti, prolapse, back pain, and more.
  • Studios, contact me regarding instructor training, education, reformer, studio & mat.
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