Heart-led subconscious transformation


 Heart-led subconscious transformation


to a new and awakened way of being...

Old patterns and habits on rinse and repeat?

Traditional therapy not hitting the spot?

Feeling stuck, uninspired, or disconnected, in pain, like you’ve lost your mojo?

Triggered like crazy by those close to you or the world around you?

Perhaps you’re going/have gone through a relationship breakdown?

About Simone... briefly.

Accessing practical earthly wisdom plus being a "see'er" into the multidimensional realms is everpresent in her work. Her gentle, loving, yet no nonsense approach is appreciated by her clients. 

Author of The Awakening - A Greater Perspective and course, Awakening Mystery Mentorship, Simone is also a qualified Journalist and has appeared in many publications including; Next Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, etc. 


Come with me.

Imagine feeling free from...

...trauma, less shaken by your surroundings (the external), more grounded, whole, worthy, content in your skin, knowing you can trust yourself?

I support and guide beautiful humans just like you going through challenging times, who feel emotionally lost, overwhelmed, or live in chaotic environments, to become more resilient, heal at a soul level, find present-moment peace amidst global chaos, and cultivate healthy relationships, just as a start...

I’ve been called a Trailblazer by clients and friends alike. Not an easy life to choose by any means, but it means I truly cut through the clutter and help those who resonate with my vibe as a bridge from the old crumbling status quo of a world to a new and miraculous earth where opportunities and living exist within an entirely new playing field.

There is a reason YOU are being called to heal and grow NOW.

In fact, there literally is no time like the present. We’re being called to step up, awaken, evolve, and do our inner work.

See you on the inside…


Simone Antunovic

Awakening Soul Activator. Intuitive Healer, Coach & Guide. Soul BizComms Strategist. Pilates & Somatic Movement. Free Soul.

Simone Antunovic


To summarise me in a few paragraphs, no can do.

Let’s give it a nudge.

I’m known for my direct approach, passion for supporting souls along their awakening journey from a “birds’ eye view” perspective I was simply born with, and practical grounded spiritual guidance.


My deeper purpose and understanding of my journey really came forth when my life was flipped upside down, which I go into more here. In short, I’ve lived many lives as a healer, way-shower, and warrior, and in this life, it took a heavy turn of events through divorce, death, adrenal fatigue, financial struggle, and much more to come into remembrance of my gifts.

Become fearless in your healing with me, your guide, as we humbly walk this journey together.

Awaken your body, mind, soul, and story as you work with me through my various offerings.

A little more about me and my back story here.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain”

– Vivian Greene

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain”

– Vivian Greene


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As an Awakening Mentor,

I share my own journey, knowledge and big picture understanding around the shift in consciousness and call to awaken as a collective humanity that we find ourselves in this NOW moment. I’m hugely passionate about truth and empowerment and solutions to transform our lives.


“The light is palpable right now and the earth is transforming speedily, so let’s make use of these divine codes and create in this new paradigm.”

Awakening MM… Discover HERE

As an energy healer & coach,

I help people struggling with the hurdles life throws them. I specialise in supporting YOU in learning to love and trust that deep inner knowing that is YOU and let it be your guide.

Also a businesswoman at heart, I combine my 20+ years of strategic business & communication nous with coaching to offer unique big-picture approaches and solutions.

In 1999 I began my journey into the study of functional Pilates, Yoga, Somatic movement, and body awareness.

I remain passionate today about sharing this wisdom with others.



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